3-Gun = 2-Gun = No Gun

Well, on Saturday I agreed to go with Trooper to the monthly 3-Gun match and shoot it with him this time – Happy Anniversary, darlin’! Nothing like some 100 degree range time and mild heat stroke to celebrate…I was able to shoot the shotgun targets (most of them) with pistol. I’ve little time with the shotgun and didn’t want to risk any issues with it.

Trooper was RO’ing so it was hectic for him and the first test of the knee fix. There was little running on the courses and much more distance/accuracy than usual. (Perhaps this was kindness from Sheldon in deference to his surgery…) We were on the same team, though, and I was able to get guidance on the courses.

What I hadn’t planned on was my Springfield Champion completely disappointing me in performance! I’d shot it recently without issue so having it malf one mag after another was unexpected. Tap, rack, pull over and over again. I don’t think it was all from limp wristing it over and over! Haven’t taken it apart yet but I was sorry I didn’t bring the TRP. Damned sorry.

The day was long and the heat a real trial. But I kept pushing the fluids and did really well, generally, until the last stage when I realized I had too much water and not enough salts. I’ve always kept packets in the car but realized too late that the packets were in the car I sold. Too, I’d recently taken the foodstuffs out of my car bag to reorganize and refresh – looks like I didn’t put it back, damn it. Thus, nada….

No matter – it was a great day, anyway, with only one person completely acting an idiot because he didn’t like his DQ. Seems he was unclear that the DQ was a match – not a stage – violation. And he simply couldn’t take it like a sportsman. Sadly, it seems he is a LEO. If that kind of aggressive, rude, and almost over the top behavior is exhibited under the mild stress of a practice match, Lord help the guy on a serious callout. Jeez…

I have to say – the guys were impressed at the number of easy headshots I made on one course, and the long distance rifle shots I made on the other. 250’s, I think, and then moved to the next set – 325?? and hit one but timed out. Bloody red dot had turned off as I started the course and I had NO IDEA how to turn it on again. It isn’t something I use a lot on our shorter range.

At any rate, I lasted longer than a few guys who left before finishing but I was unable to finish most stages, being slowed down by those malfs. I just don’t know about future events – I am not competitive so there isn’t a lot of incentive…but it was fun and nice to spend the day together!

3 thoughts on “3-Gun = 2-Gun = No Gun”

  1. No matter what you do…the heat matters. We've had 100-106+ days here lately, with 99% humidity. It's the humidity that kills me. Like fucking Cambodia. I know we don't have Texas heat (I've been there many times), but we do have humidity. Like living in a sauna. I kid you not.

  2. Damn where has the time gone?! MF, the heat was hellish but it was so damned much fun.

    Yabu, thank GOD for the lack of humidity…I could not have taken it. Nothing but misery in that weather…

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