Taking Care of Business

It’s been busy, surgery, post-op recovery, and just dealing with the usual homelife issues. But the good news is that his surgery went very well, he has been on the knee since the day of the surgery, and has been bicycling 8 mls or so each day to start the recovery process. It keeps the knee in gentle motion, helps to move the air out of it from the surgery, and gives a general peace of mind when done as all exercise will. The washing machine died so it’s off to the laundromat Sunday – at least it is modern with superb, huge machines – not like the olden days at all.

But it has kept me from most online reading and writing with a long series of blog clickings to recapture what I’ve missed. At least we managed to get some non-shooters on the range and trained in some initial knowledge. A mother and son, she is adamant that they do what they can while they can while she refuses to comprehend the fullest extent of the troubles to come – assumes she can take the usual route to fetch kith and kin home. The son was a terrific student and took to each new weapon with ease. I suspect we have opened Pandora’s box with that one…

And now the Trooper is demanding (along with blasted Sheldon) that I run 3-gun matches with him. I am not that good, I keep saying. I am just proficient enough to pick it up, aim, and hit what I am aiming at in a general way. But rapid targeting, clearing, etc.? I don’t know. But it seems I shall have no say in the matter. Perhaps they simply need more women on-deck. I am not entirely happy with the pressure to perform. I have no competitive gene in me. But perhaps that will aid in it – if I don’t care the time it takes or the score it brings. No pressure on the line…

I am aching for some time away – a real vacation such as I haven’t known in nearly a decade. As kids, our family never did so – there were no annual trips, no summer camps. So when I was finally on my own and had the means, I ensured I always had a small break in the year. Usually near my beloved Flatirons. It was my refilling of the well, so to speak, and I feel parched at the long lack of it…I keep saying – we have to do things while we still can. And this one thing will be the hardest of all, perhaps – the safe and free travel across long distances.

I look at all those maps people have been posting, full of their travels. I haven’t crossed the rockies nor seen half of the states on this side of…nevermind overseas. A friends’ 12 yo daughter has been to France, damn it, and I can’t even get away for a week a few hundred miles away. Oh – this is Texas – it takes that to hit the border. Sigh…well, anyway, I need to let go all this hazard, and worry, and travail. I simply cannot stand it. But a part of me looks at the cost and says “you could have that gas in cans instead of burned across the state…” – and so I swallow that lump in my throat and dash away the tears before they hardly fall. Fuck it. Buy more food, more everything, and just fuck it.

It doesn’t make me happy but it is the only truth I know in these lie-encrusted days. It leaves me sad, angry, and feeling like a chump. Everyone else gets to do what they want, it seems. And I have to fight that adolescent bullshit back with the chiding of maturity. Lots have it much, much worse. Suck it up, hit the webcams for relief and get the hell over it. But I’m gonna pout. I’m damned well gonna pout for awhile. As a book notes, “I’ll light their bloody candle but they’ll damned well hear about the dark.”.

4 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business”

  1. Give my best to Trooper. I hope he heals up well and strong.

    And remember that there must be the darkness of night to appreciate the beauty of the new dawn.

  2. Knee injuries are tough, it's good to hear he's healing well.

    I don't have money for a vacation either, the effing septic system just went tits up. It's always something god awful expensive with this horrid little house.

    But listen, last week I just wanted to run away. Get in my car and drive off to someplace different for a week or two. Since that's not possible, I looked at a few days away, someplace close by and found this gem of a retreat on the Blanco river in Wimberley.>/a>

    It's pricey, but what a great place to get away with a friend for a day or two….drink some booze, float on the river, live in a pretty house where someone else does the cleaning.

  3. Thanks, Six! He is doing quite well…

    D, girl – I have a bunch of things on the wish list that the price of that place would cover! I was thinking of something akin to this – so the dogs can come along and not swelter…


    But I think there are some other things on the list…

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