Cue Storage Containers Acquired

Because we are such billiard fanatics…
A couple of these acquired…courtesy of the reminder by the Zed…one note, though: do NOT stick your snout down inside and give it a deep sniff. GAH! I think I’ve given myself some dread lung disease in about 10 years of incubation.

Very nice sealing cap, there was a definite pressure release on opening. I can imagine a number of things going in there but…they’ll need to air out a bit first. NOT a good option for edibles, obviously.
There appear to be some left so I recommend snatching some up if you like them…

ALSO TOO – check out the medical chest here. Sorta kinda like the mondo one we got not long ago but a bit different. If you missed out on that previous option, this might make a nice replacement!

7 thoughts on “Cue Storage Containers Acquired”

  1. Put a pound or more of scented kitty litter in there, cap off the tube, shake well. Leave the scented litter in there for a while to kill off the smell.

  2. Those tubes are *awesome*. I loves 'em. That lid actually cams down to form a tight seal and you can put a padlock through that loop that the lever goes under. One of my favorite military containers. Lemme know what you wind up putting in there. They're excellent for leving in the bed of a pickup truck since, once padlocked and cabled, they arent going anywhere and are impervious to elements and casual thievery.

  3. Six, you came through that time! Thx!

    Z, I didn't even think about that locking option – though I think someone would definitely hack through whatever they had to in order to run off with it…nope, I think it will just be used as storage in possibly weathered areas. As for storing what – I leave that to Trooper.

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