Gear Up

Well, a few things have crossed my path recently… This is a pretty darn good deal if you have the cash – some of the best gear made at a reasonable price. If the hip belt doesn’t fit, you can sell it and buy one that does from the manufacturer so don’t let that stop you. Then this guy notes some good sales, too! (And do review his book lists – good options there to add to your library…)The Swiss canteens were sold to us but noted a later delivery date so there will be a delay. These things were slick – yes, ordered a few of those, too. If you don’t have the gentleman on your blog review list, you ought to. He always has the best gear tips, early. Thanks, Z, for the above!!

2 responses to “Gear Up

  1. It is a sweet deal…it was your ref to the brand that got me interested though I've yet to acquire.

    A friend noted that it is sad how many high speed low drag types will get the stuff only to ditch it in some ditch Over There. Ha!

    Slightly relatedly, we got a STEAL at GT's the other day – an Eagle Industries drag bag at under 1/2 price. A really nice, tough bag, he figures it will hold all he needs for a 2-gun event and MAYBE a 3-gun if carefully packed…

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