Spoilment Seems Unseemly…

It feels a bit wrong to talk about all the recent acquisitions on a solemn holiday weekend such as we have coming up. But I am so pleased that I cannot help but want to share it…yes, with you few – you lucky few…

I finally have a PC that is worthy of this century. I have Made Do with 1990 versions of things – and the office laptop – for long enough. When Woot had the HP Pavilion G7 on sale – and the geeks kindly offered several reasonable reviews – I pulled the trigger on it. Now, I am NOT a fan of HP, generally. However, if this thing gives me a few years of service, I shall consider it fair. We have a corporate deal with Dell but I simply couldn’t get the site to give me a good deal without add-ons and hooey I don’t need. After all, this isn’t a gaming machine.

The screen is huge. HUGE. AND it has a 10-key keyboard which may seem dumb in terms of keyboard terrain but when one has to enter data it is a boon. Speedy, very fast to load, and it gave me zero headaches in terms of finding the wireless. Quite happy!

I also got these but that is not of interest to most.

And one of these.
And – uh – some of these.
Okay, fine. yes. And this, too.

So a lot of girly stuff, a lot of comfy stuff, and a lot of useful stuff.

Have I mentioned the TRP? Heh…goodness, I cannot wait to put her on tomorrow. Macha’s the name…she rooms with Morrigan. In his new safe.


Okay – seriously – the safe we had needed to be upgraded and after our good friend lost so much recently, we decided to just take care of it while we could. A friend recommended this brand so they went together and picked it up.

So there you have it. Oh – wait. Yeah. A couple of these, too. But seriously. That’s IT.

Now, time to make a bit of snackage. Texas Caviar anyone?

3 responses to “Spoilment Seems Unseemly…

  1. 4G, I cannot wait! When it comes to good boots I often have to shop in the mens section. A bit wider, they feel better…

    K-buddy, thank you! It is a rare thing, indeed, and so very necessary!

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