Kit and Vittles

I have always liked the Kirkpatrick Leather offerings, especially their Texas Strong Side holster which is my most frequent carry option. Well, with the new TRP, I needed a new holster. I figured I’d might as well get a belt with it and added a double mag carrier – been needing one.

I ordered it all in black because it goes with everything, of course. Well, it would have been a 10 week wait for that holster in black but I could get the whole kit in their luscious “brown” immediately per the kind rep who called me. (She also discussed the need to add a belt size when adding both the holster and the double mag as it takes up a fair amount of room and she was spot-on.) I’ll be darned if that box wasn’t on my porch in 24 hrs.

Wow…what a difference a quality belt makes! So comfy and secure…well, let me just show you what it looks like…

Really very nice indeed. If you need a nice piece of leather at a very reasonable price I hope you will consider them. They also make amazing “western” stuff, of course.

Vittles….well, this gentleman had mentioned a while back about Augason Farms being a provider of food products and I was in the market to stock up. I’d priced Food Insurance and Shelf Reliance but both had their pros and cons…one had ridiculous shipping, I recall that. Anyway, Augason had a VERY nice shipping price for the amount I was buying and their products were the same as the rest, really. (I was going for freeze dried meat and veg – pricier but I think a better end result.)

The FedEx guy didn’t know what to think as he offloaded one box after another. The extra large one containing a nicely priced 55 gal water barrel kit with pipe/pump thing was a stumper, I’m sure. We are pretty well set, generally, but water was definitely a missing link – and with the drought in the area the last few years I like having the option of a nice supply. I am fond of flushing as well as drinking…

At any rate, they had the best prices, the best shipping rate, and some interesting items (like cornmeal) that others did not have. If you want it overnight, you may not get it – they told me it can take 7 days to get it sent. But I was in no hurry. Now, I just have to haul it in here and ensure the order is complete.

Oh dear –  Trooper just got home from a very long day at a multi-gun event and is rather perturbed. I think a blueberry bar with ice cream might just soothe the savage beasty.

3 responses to “Kit and Vittles

  1. I ought to have noted that the Champion does NOT fit that holster but I was too lazy to get the TRP out of the safe at the moment when I was trying on the belt…

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