Catching Up and Giving Up

Another set of days bracketed by Trooper’s very long day at the NRA shoot Saturday (0530-2200) which left me without wheels (Thor is getting a major set of maintenance) and sleeping the day away. It was AWESOME. I’ve been so deprived the last few months and just coping with it but having a day with no obligations provided the perfect opportunity to do NOTHING.

Trooper was rather irritated at the match – I’d sent him with provisions and water for 8 hrs. His water ran out at about 3p so it was a very long stretch…he R’dTFU, as usual. It is difficult, too, to be an RO and see how the stages could be better managed and yet not be able to do a damned thing about it. Too, there was some Houston team that refused to reset stages and paste targets. Slows things down. And, Trooper said, they had the longer stages at the end of the match which clogged things up – mixing the long and shorts ensures the lines aren’t as long. I don’t think he’ll participate in another NRA event…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…we’re watching my stepdaughter’s dog as she and her Intended go to Nola to scope out wedding locations. We are nonplussed…in short, he hasn’t asked Trooper for her hand, nor even made any sort of intention clear. He is also not martial in any way – liberal, really – and hasn’t any way to defend her nor does he intend to acquire same. So…we’re just waiting the 30 days for her entry into the Air Force and hope that things resolve a bit. She is a strong woman and has – for the 3rd time – found someone rather milquetoast. I have warned her often of the error – that one has to find a very strong man to support that personality while not being a pushover that you won’t respect in a year. Trooper is very unhappy with things but will not interfere. Perhaps if it seems to be inevitable he will make that final push – have that final conversation. But it isn’t that time yet.

We did manage a nice day at the range Friday…his Springfield M1A SOCOM 16 was a blast to shoot. Literally. I love being able to shoot what and how we want…I feel sorry for those who have to abide by rules set by people who want to limit how you experience the weapon.
And we tried out a new purchase. The S&W M&P Shield was an amazing pocket pistol. He was able to hit a reactive target from 50 yds, supported against a table. Speaking of that target…we didn’t have any .45 to play with so we weren’t able to actually make the thing bounce around. It really did just absorb the hits from everything else…regardless, he is very happy with the Shield and I like it, too. We had a SCCY to try and I did not like it at all – the trigger pull was fracking 80 lbs or something (ok, 9 lbs). The Shield was a sweet little shooter.

I am still waiting for my little pouch for the FN – it should be here soon and I know the man has a backlog from hell…meanwhile, my Hill People item should be here very soon (I also ordered the stability strap for any running/vigorous movement). Handy for dog walks and ambling about, I’ll have to get in some range time for the deployment training – very different draw. I am all about getting different ways to conceal carry in the summer, now. And though I don’t want to leave my .45 at home for the 9mm…if that is what it takes to avoid a cover shirt and sweltering, I reckon I’ll have to. I will definitely be getting the pouch for the .45 anyway – just spreading out the expense a bit. And, in truth, I want a custom design on it! I just have to design it – or send him what I want replicated…
Last but not least…we’ve three Zippo fans in our cadre and I found this neato keen add-on. A real bonus for those who are a fan of the Zippo but run out at the least convenient moment! (No, they don’t smoke but there is always something that needs lit, no?) I also stocked up on flints and wicks – enough to last a few years. Call me crazy. Oh – you already have? Well, right you are, then.

5 thoughts on “Catching Up and Giving Up”

  1. Glad to read that you got a little down time. Everyone needs a break once in a while.

    Thank you for the link to that Zippo fluid canister! I've always been frustrated by the fact that my Zippo dries out after a few days; I'm going to order a couple of these and put them with our BOB's. What a great find!

  2. Great zippo find! Thanks. It looks like you had a very good weekend as well. That's part of the reason I want more land further out, so I can just walk out into my back yard and fire away.

  3. Tangentially related to Zippos and refueling: It has been my experience, and, anecdotally, the experience of others, that Ronson fluid seems to last longer per fill than Zippo fluid.

  4. Thanks, all, for the Zippo gladness! I thought it was the slickest thing…

    K, I love that you collect – what a cool and nicely compact hobby.

    I'd heard that the Ronson can “gum up” the works of Zippos but have no evidence of same. I figure any fuel is good when you just need a spark!

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