Sunday Drive Ends in Bluebonnet Heaven

We spent the day at the rose garden in Independence, TX (which also has THE BEST ammunition shop – call ahead, they load the pallet, then load it in your vehicle).

We then stopped at a friends’ place to check on things. We turned a corner and were blasted with the scent of lilacs and honeysuckle combined. And this is what we saw. Forgive the somewhat crappy rez…amazing surprise that just stunned me. An acre of them or more…

Clicky since embed code broke-y

Lovely Sunday….

8 responses to “Sunday Drive Ends in Bluebonnet Heaven

  1. That's beautiful!

    My gramma was from Texas, and sometimes would talk longingly about the bluebonnets there. Thanks for the glimpse of your – and her – world. 🙂

  2. That shade of blue just gets in your soul, Jenny…I am not surprised that it was one thing she really missed.

    We greet their arrival with reverence…

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