Architecture of Dreams

I’ve been thrilled with the latest geeky acquisition – a Roku box! I’ve been able to load many programs and have my Netflix/Amazon accounts there, now. Having Downton Abbey’s Season 2 before I can get it on PBS locally has been a pleasure I’ve greedily devoured. But another option has been stirring my thoughts and has my search engine churning.

There is a program, Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour of Europe , that is an entrancing review of what was once Done. So much amazing architecture…and his learned but amusing manner of presenting the material really just amplifies the stunning visuals. I was entranced by his review of this church in Venice, spending long minutes searching for good photos of the mosaic floors.

The program has fed me with all manner of information on buildings and why some have always struck me and remained in memory – the Palladian style. And it also returned to me the vision that I have had in recurring dreams.

I’ve had the same dream throughout my life with only minor changes but the start has always been the same. Thick, dark forest – but not unruly – opening onto a lawn of fine grass which leads to these stairs. In my dream, the darker door under the stairs leads to a kind of open, dim, room. And, from there, to dark halls leading away. In the dream there are no other buildings or attachments – just the main building and those stairs, curving…how wonderful to have it rendered in reality.

If you have the chance to view the McCloud program I can highly recommend it. What an amazing glimpse into the lives and locations of a lovely section of history…

4 responses to “Architecture of Dreams

  1. Sitting on a spring afternoon on the balcony of the Danieli Excelsior Hotel sipping a Bellini and looking out across the Grand Canal at the Church of the Holy Redeemer may be one of the most beautiful experiences it is possible to have. Luxury and beauty that verges on hedonism.

  2. Verges on? I just looked at their photo of the terrace and the view.

    I so envy you those amazing sights – but not, necessarily, what you had to go through to see them. Not sure on that point, though.

    Having never been beyond the Rockies, my experience is…lacking. “But I have been a mental traveler…”

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