Voice To The Face/Blog: Fighter Pilot

I came upon this via a convoluted set of links but it was pleasingly coincidental since I’d just started listening to the Audible version of the book yesterday. (The link lets you listen to a sample if you like.)

Here Ed discusses Fighter Pilot. He has a strange lack of Texas accent and rather little of Chicago, either. Midwest, maybe. Or, perhaps, just a modulation honed with hour after hour on a radio.

Very interesting and a welcome way to spend a few minutes away from the world.

2 thoughts on “Voice To The Face/Blog: Fighter Pilot”

  1. Well, I've only lived in Texas for six years now and I left Chicago shortly after fire was invented, so generally no recognizable accent, unless late at night and there has been single-malt whisky involved.

  2. Why, I had for some reason thought you'd been here for ages. Huh.

    I am at the point in Olds' wherein he is hurtling to earth because of “compression” and realizes the enemy is upon him. “My God! He's trying to kill me!”

    I cackled.

    My friend, what an AMAZING experience to have known him and held so many bits and pieces of that story…thank you both for the effort!!

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