Hell Hath No Fury

You see that Mookie War Creed over there ->?

It rings more true every day for me. I see the absolute wrecking and ransacking of our nation with the ratcheting up daily and it makes my blood pressure soar. I read that small paragraph and think about what it might one day demand.

I am old, old and not a damned thing left with which to make it hold but – as a rare few have seen in the past – do not fuck with me when it breaks free. I am almost eternally patient with bullshit. I will take and take some more, just letting it hit the file so that I remember What you are if not Who.

But when I have had enough, there is no moderation. The brain goes black and white with just
“if this then that” decision-making without emotion. I haven’t had to do it very often so it comes as a surprise each time, that clarity in a maelstrom. So I note that creed every time and wonder at it – at what it will take to make that necessary, at which files with whose name will have to be referenced and addressed.

And, of late, it echoes louder in my mind. So many who deserve its full treatment…time enough, I temper it – time enough for all that. It puts me in mind of a line in a book (as I may have mentioned before) in which Arthur asks his men to sum up the war and its cost. “Half a baby in a ditch,” comes the reply.

Therefore, I do not wish to hurry trouble. I do not go pressing for a fight. Because once that cog clicks into place, you cannot crank it back. I do not fear my own mechanism – it has patience and mercy.

I fear the mechanics who are running at the gears with their wrench in hand, determined to have the whole damned thing collapse under their weight. Maniacs…they actually believe they will find a safe place on some pedestal above the fray. Useful idiots, indeed.

Or cannon fodder.

I’m gonna need a bigger cannon.

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