Bad Mojo, Good Shooting, and No Quitting

Trooper was sick much of last week with the terrible cough and congestion crud that is going around lately. But with two weeks of firearms instructor classes pending, he knew he had to Ranger Up. And so he has. He has scored 300’s daily (one must pass the shooting tests every day or go home) and has recovered pretty well. But…

It has meant that I’ve been home, working, and dealing with dogs and usual housewifery stuff while suffering from that same crud. And I was so careful to avoid catching it! Sigh…terrible, terrible coughing and exhaustion…I am so fortunate to not have to go into an office to work – and they’ve all expressed thanks at my remaining ensconced in my own bacterial/viral crap at home.

Short tempered, I’ve been trying to keep up with the workload and just barely doing so. But the inevitable “this task sucks so I am giving it to YOU” crap turns up and I have to remind myself – I make a lot of money (relatively speaking) and have tremendous freedom…

I look at all that has to be done, all around me, and grow weary with the constant burden. I don’t even consider that there is another week yet to come…I look at the puppy sleeping beside me, the tufts of fur between his pads twitching with dreams. I want to smell those dorito paws but not wake him and start the whole “Walk? Time to walk? Can we, huh?” because it means a wheezing, hacking trek that I simply haven’t the energy for.

Selfish, selfish…I consider my frustration with these petty irritations, and those frown lines etch deeper. I look at the box of chocolates (Ferrero Roche, thankyouverymuch) Trooper brought home along with the cough medicine after a 14 hour day and I feel a terrible shame at complaining.

My eye falls on the thank you note in a wobbly but deliberate hand from this man and the shame is complete.

No Quit: a film about tod o’donnell from tim o’donnell on Vimeo.

Yes – I think I can manage a dog walk, some cleaning up, and some conference calls. Indeed, I do.

Thanks for kicking that mental crutch out from under me, Sir.

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