Easing Into Monday

A long couple of days alone were followed by a wonderful afternoon with friends and a quiet evening at last as the dogs finally relaxed with Trooper home again. Wonderful peace through much of the night, Kota waking me to spend a few hours outside only to find it was raining – or icing. I lay in bed for a half hour, giving her time to be outside but knowing she couldn’t remain there long.

The cat switched from his pillow position to the vacated warmth I’d left, so we adjusted to each other and snuggled together, waiting. Finally, I could get up again and let the dog back in then sleep the rest of the night. Until, of course, the other cat thought I really ought to get up and feed her. A delicate sneeze right in my face was her chosen course of action. A swiping of my hand shoved her smart ass out of the bed. For that, I rolled over and stayed asleep.

Now, just waiting on Trooper to get enough rest so that I can wake him and prep his dinner. Seems he and his partner had a very profitable time at the event but with no one to spell them, were exhausted. And his chivalry extended to coming with me yesterday though he’d had only a few hours sleep. If I’d known, he would have stayed home. And it is back to work for each of us today. I don’t think my “vacation” brain wants to step up, though. More coffee will be needed.

Meanwhile, the following were what entertained through the quiet evenings alone…the first – finally found the origin of a tune that I’ve loved. And the second, a set of tunes selected and posted just perfectly suited to my mood. Lovely…

Hello, Monday. Be gentle.


3 thoughts on “Easing Into Monday”

  1. He is an absolute doll, as are you!

    I hope we did not completely wear him out.

    ; )

    At least, I believe he was well fed.

    Hugs, lady!

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