Update on the Hardigg – Innards

I bonked on the last post and didn’t remember to link to the case at Sportsmans
Thought maybe I should add photos of the inside with something for scale. Forgive the dim nature – lighting not optimal and flash was almost too bright…

The top drawers are about the height of a Dillo…the lower ones taller and the bottom one locks.

There is also a pull out tray (about 8×4) that you can place on top, sterilize and use for any manner of prep.

And below you can see the slick pressure regulating button thing – I presume for when it is flown. If I had cash for another I’d be damned tempted to get one. I imagine one could stock it with reloading gear easily enough, too.

3 thoughts on “Update on the Hardigg – Innards”

  1. Sold out, baby. Between you and me we should get a commission. Mine arrived today with a cool Red Cross/Crescent stencil on it. Can't wait to get it back to the bunker and re-organize stuff.

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