Acquisition Win

It was this guy’s fault. The last time they were available we didn’t get it in time. This time, while I had it – sorta – I spent it. Trooper was alittle ho-hum about it but I knew…

In truth, it isn’t the same unit the gentleman had – this is an 8-drawer unit (with drawers having the customizable dividers in them). New? Here – and $2400.

Heavy? Uh yup. I figure 40 lbs empty. However, it will endure anything, I think.

You can judge the size from the XL dog bed it lies on. Bloody damned big.

If you’re in the market for something like it, the price – though it seems high – is very, very reasonable.

4 thoughts on “Acquisition Win”

  1. Awesome! I've been called a lot of things, I'm pretty sure 'gentleman' ain't one of 'em. But I appreciate the thought. 🙂

    I'd love to have a couple of those but I have to bide my time until I find one on the used market. eBay sometimes has them.

  2. Sorry. Oh dear. Woot!

    I also surrendered a bit of the budget to the item but…I keep thinking it was important to get it while such things are still available…

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