What Is It…

…with these days? I have tried over and over to get motivated to do anything but between sickness and the news I simply cannot find the energy to deal with anything. The things that are moving between my ears of late?

The pleasing slickery snick of those knitting needles through the yarn (yes, those very ones up there ^) to produce another set of oak leaf mitts for family…

I could load Audible with all the books I’ve been missing out on but still not have time to listen to them…

Making pizza with this for sauce and veggies on top is pure genius (yes, my own genius)…

Smoked pistachios are of the devil…

I can’t wait to see what this is about. “Hillsdale College is offering a free 10-week program [on the Constitution] beginning February 20, 2012” (this is the intro class)…

The Spartans really were hardcore. None of us would likely survive our childhood with them.

Part the 2nd, Part the 3rd…(courtesy of the Ghost)

What is it with this stuff? Even fussy Ranger Boy will eat if the food is dressed with this somewhat disgusting mess. And any digestive issues will be resolved by eating this stuff. Weird.

WHEN will the drawings be held for the contest?! I need a new belt so desperately…the 1911 is bloody heavy.

Which reminds me to start the search for a smaller carry option. I want a .45 caliber with the non-plastic bits n’ parts but smaller…I may just take Trooper’s Kahr. (One of the first small frames they made…) He gets to carry a rifle on shift, now, so he doesn’t need the small backup. It’s hard to find enough jackets, shirts, etc. to cover up the Springfield when out and about. Not that I fret about it – I don’t wish to flaunt the law but I also refuse to be responsible for putting a mote in someones eye, if you get my meaning.

I suppose that’s the extent of it, really. I don’t mean to be dismissive of all the political wrangling these days but, in truth, there is no difference in any of them to me. They are all playing the game the old way instead of standing up and denying the media their “selection” process. It is all a ruin and nothing for it but to be ready for the crashing of the rest of the monuments. Sad, sad…but at least I am realistic. Far too many are relying on that November day to solve everything when it is moving deck chairs.

I’ll be knitting a lovely afghan for mine. It might get a little chilly….

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