You NEED A Dog, Right?

Look, now – this darling black lab pup came to the house last week. If I hadn’t two hellions already, I’d never have given it over to the shelter. About 3 months, I suppose, maybe a bit older…learned the kennel in an hour, had a natural Heel instinct, and played instantly well with my two very rough playing dogs.

He learned to sit, wait, in, out, and even fetched toys to his kennel by himself, selecting a chew toy on his own rather than something naughty.

If you need a VERY smart lab that will be rather large (pontoon paws), please please let me know. We called him Thor…and he’ll be an amazing dog for anyone who saves his black hind end.

6 thoughts on “You NEED A Dog, Right?”

  1. Without a long-winded explanation… our county and area has been terribly affected by the pull-out of DHL/Airborne Express and THEN the economy collapsed…

    The two shelters in our county are not accepting any more dogs as they have no room… a man stopped this past weekend with a lab and a lab mix… had lost his home, saw ours, thought we would take his dogs… good dogs he said with tears rolling down his cheeks, shots and all…

    We couldn't take them… we have two, one we already adopted from the shelter… it still rips your heart out…

    Seems like dogs and pups are getting dumped or dropped off out here in the country every week…

    Dann in Ohio

  2. Indeed, when you have to choose btwn feeding your family and feeding your dog, the choice is obvious. If we could have afforded to add him, we would have…

    This is certainly not the first dog we've found and sent on his way – but it was the very hardest one…and that is why I am haranging people about him. He was that damn special.

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