From Him – Security Note

The Trooper sent this along to me – it is both very slick and a wannahave and also “damn it, yet another threat assessment to deal with…” when considering good guy and bad guy.

Ares Armor RAD Pack

Personally, bless `em for coming up with such an amazing hack of a pack. But just be aware of the option when approaching a suspect.

(I think I gotta have one, though…I just can’t stop grinning at the idea…)

5 thoughts on “From Him – Security Note”

  1. That's pretty dang clever. I had a love hate relationship with my vest. I loved the protection but hated the heat and how it tended to compress my diaphragm when I was behind the wheel. Lu and I both have armor in our kits but I'm going to have to look at this a little closer. Tell Trooper thanks for the tip.

  2. Six, Trooper never had an issue with the armor unlike so many of the cohort…when you've been there, done that it gets real clear on why it's not Optional, I guess.

    Now, me? I haven't had to tote it daily…reckon I might need to start wearing in those calluses.

    BTW, we were talking about all the Quitters this evening – how's it going? Sunflower seed shells still plague the household but I can deal with it. 🙂

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