About That Droning On…

Mind you, the drone landing nice and neat Over There had me scratching my head.
As the notes here state, it ought to have done a RTB routine. Or, me thinks, a “this isn’t Kansas…kaboom!” routine. But as I scratched, something akin to the following came to me. One wants to go all negative on the tale but…I have to hope the Alphabet Soup types have better sense than the guy at the top of the stationery.

“…Another conspiracy theory to chew on: this drone was “allowed” to be either crashed in Iran or pirated… not because the Administration is the freakin’ Manchurian candidate, but because the CIA and NRO are devious bastards, and this airframe is loaded to the gills with the *worst* technology possible. Computers filled with nasty but invisible trojans, fuel and hydrocarbon polymers that emit chemicals that are hard to detect but which will give people who examine the thing too closely some really nasty cancers, radar absorbent materials that light up IR sensors like the Statue of Liberty and IR treatments than emit radio waves louder than Howard Stern.”

Remember that the system was hacked recently (well, within the year if I recall…) and that a certain hacker went all room temp in the same timeframe as that Siemens snafu…maybe it was just a bit of this finally acquired…I far prefer to believe we’ve IR tagged everything in reach but I suppose it is possible we are Had.

Hell, I’m frankly more surprised that the Toner Wars haven’t started.

4 thoughts on “About That Droning On…”

  1. I kinda wondered about this incident, too. Perhaps they allowed it to be landed in Iran so that they could figure out where the Iranians would take it. They might be tracking the thing right now, hoping it will lead them to Iran's version of Area 51. I hope that's what they're doing, at any rate. I'd hate to think that we're so stupid as to not have thought about this scenario beforehand, e.g. maybe we should include an “Earth-shattering Kaboomer”?

  2. I am more and more certain that he is the great Oz…there are others with Intentions. One of which has been the absolute reduction of materiel.

    I am 50-50 on this so far. And not sure it matters at this point which side it lands on, so to speak.

  3. I wondered if it could be a variation on the Desmond Bagley book'Running Blind' where the intention was to give the Soviets an unsolvable puzzle.

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