Last Minute Shopping @ Ranger Up

If you’ve someone to shop for and haven’t the heart to hit the stores, I can heartily direct you to RangerUp. Let me tell you what they’ve done – seems they had a supplier who wasn’t going to make his shipment date. Well, that would mean orders already received would go unshipped. And you know what that would be?


So Tommy and his fair maiden Kelly have been on a roadtrip – they went to the very door of the supplier, found they hadn’t finished a run of shirts, helped get the run done, loaded in the truck and are now steaming for home and promise that they will be there in time to make all their shipping obligations.

There is a reason I do a lot of my birthday and holiday shopping with them. Sure, it’s just a shirt. But it is a shirt backed by the promise of men and women who will do what it takes to get it right and get it to you.

Better still, they have a sale – use the code BUYNOW25 and get 25% off all items until the end of Wednesday. And everything on the site will be available for the Christmas delivery deadline.

You’ll find just what you need and you’ll support some terrific folks who know how to Ranger Up.

You NEED A Dog, Right?

Look, now – this darling black lab pup came to the house last week. If I hadn’t two hellions already, I’d never have given it over to the shelter. About 3 months, I suppose, maybe a bit older…learned the kennel in an hour, had a natural Heel instinct, and played instantly well with my two very rough playing dogs.

He learned to sit, wait, in, out, and even fetched toys to his kennel by himself, selecting a chew toy on his own rather than something naughty.

If you need a VERY smart lab that will be rather large (pontoon paws), please please let me know. We called him Thor…and he’ll be an amazing dog for anyone who saves his black hind end.

From Him – Security Note

The Trooper sent this along to me – it is both very slick and a wannahave and also “damn it, yet another threat assessment to deal with…” when considering good guy and bad guy.

Ares Armor RAD Pack

Personally, bless `em for coming up with such an amazing hack of a pack. But just be aware of the option when approaching a suspect.

(I think I gotta have one, though…I just can’t stop grinning at the idea…)

About That Droning On…

Mind you, the drone landing nice and neat Over There had me scratching my head.
As the notes here state, it ought to have done a RTB routine. Or, me thinks, a “this isn’t Kansas…kaboom!” routine. But as I scratched, something akin to the following came to me. One wants to go all negative on the tale but…I have to hope the Alphabet Soup types have better sense than the guy at the top of the stationery.

“…Another conspiracy theory to chew on: this drone was “allowed” to be either crashed in Iran or pirated… not because the Administration is the freakin’ Manchurian candidate, but because the CIA and NRO are devious bastards, and this airframe is loaded to the gills with the *worst* technology possible. Computers filled with nasty but invisible trojans, fuel and hydrocarbon polymers that emit chemicals that are hard to detect but which will give people who examine the thing too closely some really nasty cancers, radar absorbent materials that light up IR sensors like the Statue of Liberty and IR treatments than emit radio waves louder than Howard Stern.”

Remember that the system was hacked recently (well, within the year if I recall…) and that a certain hacker went all room temp in the same timeframe as that Siemens snafu…maybe it was just a bit of this finally acquired…I far prefer to believe we’ve IR tagged everything in reach but I suppose it is possible we are Had.

Hell, I’m frankly more surprised that the Toner Wars haven’t started.

Running Silent, Running Deep

There are…Puzzle Palace doings just now that force my hands to be…circumspect these days. So I’ve opted for quiet in place of the vague mundane.

Everyone has been prolific, of course, and my bleating hardly missed. Go to Ed, Brigid, Six, Momma, Joannie, K-man, or anyone else over there on the right and you’ll have a damned fine buffet of literary genius. Instead, i’ve sated myself with a new addiction (Audible) and trying to find gifts suitable and yet reasonable. It shall be the Season Of Handwork And Belly Filling.

And then…I came across this and went all thoughtful again, the tune reminding me of decades gone when the song meant something else, entirely.

We’ve certainly gone through a lot in a few years. There is, surely, more to come. Particularly as pieces on the table are moved into position and cautiously played. It could all bend `round and twist everything apart. It is possible. We will have to be, as we always have been, a team. Back to back and taking on whatever comes. It is a dark humor that strikes at me, though. A kind of universal jest that makes me wonder which side the punchline will land on.

So there – the cryptic nonsense I’ve been trying to avoid. Let me cleanse your palate with this small amusement. After all, I think He likes a joke better than droning supplications. Or so I believe.