I’m A Princess, Damn It! Day

Yeah, so…it was “I am a special snowflake” day for me and I was nicely spoiled. My stepdaughter took me for a lovely day of Sephora sampling (got the needed Mercier blush, of course) and lunch after.

And then Trooper hauled home after his class to fetch us to dinner. But before he left I was given my gifts – just what I asked for! Every girl needs new Wilson mags, right?! And I coveted this bag so he got it for me, too. (Handy, I thought, for when you just want to be hands-free and holstered up on one side…) All the guys at GT’s were cracking up when he said he was shopping for his wife’s birthday. Hey – what can I say? I’m easy to please…

And now? Homemade cake, courtesy of my stepdaughter (mocha with orange buttercream frosting). And maybe a couple of these on my pillow. Trooper knows how I adore the little balls.


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