Big Damn Weekend

The thing with being married to the law is that you take your off days seriously, plannning as best you can to make the most of it – even if that’s planning a few extra hours sleeping. So it is that we’ll be at the LaRue Day…Trooper will RO and I will help where help is needed. We’ve several friends with booths who can use a hand so I’ll be their Girl Saturday and do whatever is needed.

Of course, being a woman I am trying to decide on the best attire for the day. Obviously, sturdy boots and a long sleeved shirt but…the Statement T-shirt is the decision at hand. Perhaps the Happy Face! Or…Kalashnikitty

Or maybe I should just go with the standard Crye Combat Shirt which does the job without saying a damned thing.

The really nice thing, though, is that I get to hang with some really amazing guys (and gals). That they admit me into their world is a great compliment and I never forget the somewhat rarified air I breathe among them…unless they have the beans with their BBQ. In that case I battle for air.

Hope your own day brings big bangs and smiles…

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