Making Men Happy – It’s Easy

From the first day I met him, I knew Trooper was a man who had once held the very best weaponry in his hands and had skills to use each one professionally. Sadly, you do not get to keep them. And so…I have hoped to replace those missing pieces over the years and on Friday a large component was finally scratched off the list.

The LaRue OBR is one of the most respected rifles made. And I can tell you now how I know that’s a fact. Mark LaRue is an amazing gentleman. He is also one of the most frenetic men I’ve ever met.

We were accompanied by a good pal who is an old friend so we were given a bit more personal a welcome than most might get. And a tour of the facility that reinforced the fact that the man not only uses the best materials and machinery but that he hires the “superbowl” level machinists who love what they do and never forget those they do it for. It was an experience that few receive and one that I will always feel honored to have had.

This morning we were able to give it a thorough breaking in and I was given the distinct prvilege of being the first to shoot it. Of course, it is tested before leaving the shop so I knew it was right on target. It was just the scope that needed adjusting and the Leatherwood was quickly spot-on.

We all had a blast and I cannot wait until we are at the long range…bang a gong…

12 responses to “Making Men Happy – It’s Easy

  1. I knew you'd know that song, K. LOL

    Six, you have been well-trained!

    Dann, I do not blame you at all. It's Christmas, Bday, and Valentines all in one.

    He deserves it, though. He works so very hard…

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