Stop It

I saw this at Tam’s and it just generates exhausted sighs, now.

I have serious sympathy for anyone that has to fly for work. We haven’t taken wing in a long time and I doubt we ever will again unless it is a private aircraft. And I think that may be the only solution – stop using the service. The airlines have chosen to ride along on this trip to hell – I choose to not reward them for it.

Now, the TSA road show? They know several people are driving more so I am not surprised at the TN insult. But I AM surprised that those folks stood for it. The state police ought to be no-shows if they had an ounce of Goddamned ethics and a shred of honor left.

But it does set that populace to thinking – is this a state I can continue to live in? There is a reason behind my selection of TX. Not that it is immune to such affrontery. Just that most Texans will only tolerate so much bullshit in their lives.

One thing I think we ought to do…aircraft. It stays in my mind and I cannot let it go…especially after the flight recently in a craft that will hold rather a lot of gear and family.

But I do wonder…is it time to start getting to know each other? Should we understand where we each are and our strengths and ETAs if things go all pear-shaped? Friends…ports in storms…it has been on my mind a lot lately.

4 thoughts on “Stop It”

  1. Sadly, General Aviation's been subject to the “regulate and legislate until it's so prohibitively expensive and bothersome most people won't do it” model for decades.

    Miss D is a good one for ideas there. There's a reason she's so pro-Sport Pilot instruction.

    The obvious next question is …. well then, where can you go that they won't follow? What good is flying if the place you land is no better than the place you take off from?

    Our Revolution went hot when the Crown followed a bunch of people who'd gone to great pains trying to peaceably get away from it.

    … I expect history to rhyme.

  2. They say a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into. An airplane can be a much bigger hole. Yet, on a week-end gathering of old flying friends this month I walked the ramp at Fredericksburg Airport and saw a collection of equipment that I could get to like. Not too much stuff for long-distance traveling, like my ex-Thunderbird friend's V-tail Bonanza, but like the new generation recreation of the J-3 Cub or some of the truly incredibly “home-built” designs. (Few are truly home-built.) There is a whole culture around simply hopping into your airplane and bouncing around to the neat little general aviation airports. Drop in for breakfast or some great BBQ. They tell me if you drop into Dublin and call the Dr. Pepper plant for a tour, they will send a Dublin Police Department car to pick you up and bring you back to the plane. Or get a golf-cart ride at Stephensville from the airport to the Hard-Eight BBQ.

  3. Jenny, you are correct – but the ability to make your own LZ still exists…and plenty of small ones that go unnoticed remain…

    Ed, it's true that the expense is rather high…and few will cough up the gas for the joyride…but I think it is important to have alternatives and options. And who wouldn't want to have the ability to just drop in somewhere?

    I have to tell you – that Airvan was the diggity bomb. Sweet, smooth ride with plenty of room for big guys…with – er – stuff.

  4. But it does set that populace to thinking – is this a state I can continue to live in? There is a reason behind my selection of TX.

    I got stopped at a checkpoint in TX many years before the TSA started their shenanigans at weigh stations in TN. (And if you ain'driving an 18-wheeler in TN, you don't have to worry about these… yet.)

    The one in Texas was run by the Border Patrol, and it was a great big fixed checkpoint on the highway between Terlingua and Alpine back in 2004. Don't kid yourself that you live in some magic Free State beyond the reach of Big Brother.

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