Pre-bay: Bianchi 77 Piranha Holster

Through a rather silly set of steps, we’ve wound up with a holster that we do not need instead of the one we do. If it suits you, the $58 unit can be yours for $45 + USPS Priority Box shipping.

Says it fits 9mm/.40 Automatic Glock 17, 22 – check the link below for your gun…
Bianchi Model 77 Part No. 24100

Never out of its box, never used. Plain, Tan, Right Hand just like shown here.

Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Pre-bay: Bianchi 77 Piranha Holster”

  1. I am not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I own two Glocks. A G19 and G21SF neither of which will fit in the holster you have.

  2. @Ed

    I confess…I have a Glock (36) .45 (single stacker), and I like it, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it. Damn thing will run underwater, so to say. Some say the Glock is the Kalashnikov of handguns. Tight..

    I don't understand why people are so anti Glock. They (Glocks) just plain damn work all the time. Easy to break down, easy to clean. What else could you want? I wish it wasn't so, but (for example) if I had to choose one gun between a AK-47/74 or a AR-15/M-16, I'd take the Kalashnikov in a heartbeat. I've put a bunch of rounds through both. Better gun in the long run, all things considered. Hell if I know because I wasn't there, but all of my buddies who were in Viet Nam, preferred the weapon of the enemy…and not just for the sound…for reliability and durability.

    Glock makes a good gun. Just sayin'


    If my 36 would fit, I'd take it off your hands. Done deal.

  3. Ed, why am I not surprised to see you go all anti- on the Glock? LOL But then you DO have a champagne taste…

    Trooper is using one for the 3-gun I think and he shoots well with it. Perhaps that is the defining mark…

    Yabu, a no-go on fit?

  4. @ Laura

    Well, all that really matters is that it fits well in my hand. I find it interesting there is no happy medium when it comes to Glocks. People either love 'em or hate 'em. In the end, it's better to have a .45 than not, no matter which flavor.

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