Finance Geek?

So I know my 401k is gonna be worth crap before long but…I was really needing someone who knows what they hell they’re looking at to give it a peek. Essentially, I want OUT of the market. But it all is “in” and they won’t let us move to gold so…

Anyone good at that sort of thing?

6 responses to “Finance Geek?

  1. Sorry, I don't know anyone. However, I definitely relate to your concerns.

    By the time I “retire” I figure my 401k won't be worth enough to buy me a cardboard sign for roadside panhandling.

  2. The problem with 401Ks is that you're limited to whatever funds the company serving as custodian for your employer has made available. Take a look at the list of funds and see if there's something like “Stable Value” or maybe a money market or bond fund. Another possibility is to go with a target date fund with a target date as close to right now as you can find. Those will contain a very conservative mix of investments, rather than a high percentage of equities.
    The usual disclaimer about “I am not a professional…” applies.

    Good luck.
    The Steel Bookshelf

  3. Thanks you guys. Jon, I already had a good portion in the “safest” per my boss who is fairly learned at it. I just wish I could find some kind of gold fund…hell, maybe I'll get fired and I can move it all then…

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