Playing Dress-up

What can I tell you? Every outfit is a costume to me. It’s true – every workday outfit is selected with a kind of set design in mind – who will I be working with today and what impression is needed?

But I really enjoy the coming holiday when one can just let loose with that desire to be Other. If you’ve the same need, I can recommend these folks without reservation.


I acquired this number for our Ren Fest trips. It is flat out amazing. The flax fabric is sturdy but also light enough for summer wear.

Better still, they’ve a sale and I can assure you that you will not be unhappy with either the quality or the fit – everything is made to measure so you can expect it to take about a month, overall, to get your item. However, it is absolutely worth it. This is particularly useful for the wench that would prefer her assets remained restrained to meet the local norms. So many costumes are made cheaply and “one size fits no one, really”. You will not find that to be the case with these folks.

Be sure to order early if you’ve a New Years event. Not sure they can get it to you for Halloween but…maybe!

They also offer all manner of fun stuff for guys…

BTW, guys – no woman would be upset at receiving a delicate flaxen gown…after all, we all have a secret princess inside. Even if she does sometimes smell like CLP.

3 thoughts on “Playing Dress-up”

  1. That gown was beautiful.

    I found a pair of boots on there which might be worth a splurge to complete my Jedi costume for halloween. I'm dressing up for the kids. Yeah. That's it.

    It's for the chirren… 🙂

  2. Jenny – indeed! Linen is the only tolerable thing in this climate – and for its delicate nature, it really is quite sturdy…

    Don, I use that same excuse every year – for the children…yessss….but glad you found something useful!!

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