Deeper Look

I had tried to find this video a few times and gave up, forgetting after awhile…and I don’t know why this isn’t shown instead of…the rest.

Minute 35-37 has the most awful, terrible price in audible evidence.

This is what we are supposed to believe is caused by our actions abroad, by the blood left there, the schools built as a buttress against a future horror but to no avail…that delicate, soothing feminine component will never be allowed to step forward. The girls are broken, early, to ensure the men have nothing to care about.

You must remember that sound when someone tries to tell you we asked for it. You must remember that awful sound when you have doubt…when mercy tugs at your sleeve.

3 thoughts on “Deeper Look”

  1. Isn't this the documentary that CBS showed this year? Without commercials, without commentary, it was the most astounding thing I've ever seen on my television. I hadn't seen the first half of it.


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