Because I Am Too Damned Busy and I Love You

I offer up this salacious bit of mindlessness. (If you detest fine hip shakin’ hind ends, do look away.)

*I do hope someone cleaned that countertop later…

7 thoughts on “Because I Am Too Damned Busy and I Love You”

  1. Since I'm watching this at 0300 (woke up with a headache…always happens when changing from night shifts to days) I couldn't turn on the speakers.

    However, whatever she's listening to…I'm getting it off iTunes. I'm gonna play it. A LOT. If anyone female around me reacts like that, I'll consider it money well spent.

    Thanks for the fine hip-shakin'. 🙂

    wv: luals
    Luals might wanna see this…

  2. Hi, guys! Don, you need headphones. LOL Hate that shift change crap and sooo glad Trooper is done with all that. For now, anyway…

    Dann…I am afraid all I could think of was “bleach…that will take some bleach” when that set of action came on. It'd be worth it, sure. Still…

  3. ML, no one will ever be good enough for you. But we'll by God keep trying! (Seriously, it is a sad commentary at the lack of quality women that you go solo still. Hold out for a good one, though…)

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