One Thing I Really Hate…

…is when the door makes a sound like a key in the lock and the dogs go apeshit except no one is due home.

Springfield, momma loves you.

Puppies, have a biscuit you cuties! Rrrrarrfff!

(Yeah, cursory check made at door – not gonna do full perimeter since Trooper has likely already called the locals to make a run through and he’ll be home presently.)

Times are rough out there and people who might have never tried a door before may damned well consider it worth the risk, now.

Carry: every day, every where, with enough bullets to make a difference. Period.

7 responses to “One Thing I Really Hate…

  1. True that! Had a vehicle that “did not belong here” tonight. I assume it was observing what cars show up when after work.

    It is getting ugly out there!

  2. One friend outside of Bastrop was stranded, very near the fire, and was at her windows for a couple of days with a rifle. Saw looters in the area but none close enough to threaten her.

    Col. Cooper said that if you truly understand what he taught, you'd have a firearm within arm's reach at all times.

  3. Biscuit after biscuit, Momma! Good dogs!

    Dann, so true…you have to know who is on your side and aid each other. Because you are on your own in nearly every part of the country, now.

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