Autumn, Any Time Now…

I’ve been suffering in this infernal weather for so long that it feels as though we’ve been stuck in time. Until recently, there weren’t even clouds in the sky to break that steady blue monotony. But a breeze has come in the morning that gives just the smallest hint of under-100 degrees and it makes me ache for the season to change.

This, too, had me yearning…Halloween…

Of course, it might be just the thing for you any day of the week and we here do not judge. But I think I’ll have Trooper making a few for me.

If only the chill would come…

3 responses to “Autumn, Any Time Now…

  1. I just made my first couple of paracord bracelets. A friend had sent me one, and with that as a guide instructions from StormDrane I made two little ones for gal friends. THAT looks like a lot more work, but WOW.

  2. That should discourage any unwelcome attempts at hand-holding in the movies. If you could do a belt and a long necklace you might have the perfect jewelry to send your teen-age daughter out on her big date with that mouth-breathing stoner she likes so much.

  3. B, we have a young friend with his own bracelet business who has racked up rather a nice account with it – he is rather good at salesmanship, too. So much can be made – I want a monkeyfist with a ball bearing in it. Kachow!

    Ed, it's just the softest deer skin! Hardly off-putting for any man…and it smells good, too, I bet.

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