Just Right

It was a very slow day at the office which I filled with some knitting, some snail mail and some baking. Here’s a rather poor phone pic of the amazing edition of Fenimore Cooper books I acquired for Trooper as an anniversary gift. Now, in these parts, such a thing would be impossible to find. Or it’d be costly. But then I thought to send a message to my dear friend in the north. Billy made a call to his book dealer and it was mere days before his photo came to me.

A few emails later and the set was on its way. Deliciously weighty, wonderfully adorned, and with etchings to help keep the value, it was a terrific kindness – frankly, I’d have been tempted to keep them for myself and find something else. But therein you see the difference in our characters, no? Trooper demanded a central slice of shelf and they deserve it. The first book remains at bedside and I suspect he has been reading late while I sleep. Wonderful bloggy pals I have…

Meanwhile, since we’re all trying to be very good, I thought it would be nice to have some healthy (okay, healthier) bread than store-bought. So I knocked out a few loaves today, one in a boule since Trooper requested it a few weeks ago. It’s wheat which means you have to add brown sugar or molasses (just the way of it, I dunno why). I tell myself that the utter lack of anything else in there makes up for that sin. No preservatives, no colors, just good nutty wheat flour. I like that my pan is smaller – you can put 1/3rd of a recipe and get a more petite loaf which also means less calories per slice.

Now, if I could only get Kota to stop scratching at her face and rubbing the fur off…sigh…allergies, maybe. So it’s been sleepy treats and benadryl to see if it passes. But I think we’ll have to make a vet visit. Poor thing.

2 responses to “Just Right

  1. What a lovely gift, Laura, and I like your description of the tomes as “deliciously weighty, wonderfully adorned.” I but they exude an adventurous scent of their past, too,

  2. Ah, yes – you're quite right, of course. And I didn't do my usual thing of leafing through them to look for hidden love notes and such…

    I love old books…

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