Duluth Trading Firehose Pants Sale – For the thin or stubby types

Just a quick note for any stubby men or women – Duluth Trading has their famous Firehose pants on sale – they say they’re defective but my pair are fine. They’ve only got 30/30, 32 & 34 and 36/28’s so you’ll have to be thin and tall or standard and short.

Search for part # 92204SEC and get a pair of pants that will last FOREVER for less than half the normal price. I’ll be getting a few more if the stock holds out!

4 thoughts on “Duluth Trading Firehose Pants Sale – For the thin or stubby types”

  1. They are great pants, but for a long legged fella such as myself, well, when I wear them, which isn't often, I look like that Urkel (sp?) character. Dang. I guess that's why I only ever purchased one pair.

  2. While I haven't had occasion to try their firehose pants, their blue jeans are outstanding. I own several pairs. They are very comfortable and extremely durable. My only problem with them is that they seem to run long; I just order the next shorter length.

  3. Laura, my inseam is not longer than a 36, but it is 36 in jeans, and when I purchased a pair of those Firehose jeans, they didn't come in a “tall” length of 36, thus the “floodwater” appearance when I don them.

    Height does have its advantages, and I use them, but it can have a dis-advantage or two when it comes to certain attire.

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