Peaceful Labor

It was a rare night out for my stepdaughter, a Saturday in-town rather than at work. I think she is still becoming accustomed to the distances – that one cannot just take a quick drive to entertainments. It was a Greek meal out – a divine lamb chop, a savory beeftekee, and then off to stroll the promenade. But first…dessert.

Really very good…one could taste the good vanilla in the cake and the frosting wasn’t a shortening short-cut but full of butter. I slipped out the wee Kershaw Leek and cut it in half to the surprise of several in line. It was a snack I’d been wanting to try out for some time. But what the hell is the whole “fat free whip” addition about? I mean, you’re shoving a cupcake in your face – what does full fat whipped cream do to make that worse?

We’d found some lovely apricots at the store and, since their season is brief, I decided I’d try to can them. It was a quiet afternoon’s task – the blanching, slipping off the blushed skins – waterlogged fingers struggling with the slippery fruit. I enjoyed the solo work, ignoring everything but the process.

I think the hardest aspect is that the final product is so small for the labor involved. Just 4 pints of goodness for almost 2 hours of work. And who knows if they will pop their little tops and be safe come winter? A gamble…but I think it worthwhile. At worst we have a delicious topping for the yogurt or ice cream snacks to come. It is only my third attempt at canning but the’re so pretty…so delicate. I cannot wait to taste them, summer on my tongue…

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