Female Shooters Getting A Pair

I am watching the debate-ish work going on here and here about the “good ol boy” nature of ranges and gun shops generated somewhat by some gunbunny bearers sighted at an event. Note: I adore each of them and their words. I think they are some of the smartest women out there.

I just happen to think they’ve strayed from the “sheesh, can’t we just have some intelligent gun fun without the ubiquitous boobs?” sentiment toward the murky waters of “you menfolk change your ways so the more timid among us can be comfy, damn you!”.

My comments on the former site were along the lines of, “if a woman is going to be put off by T&A, she isn’t going to handle well a situation in which she will HAVE to shoot someone”. And that is the serious bottom line, isn’t it? Not just to make the whole gun shopping, purchasing and practicing more comfy – but to get women to just stop being so damned scared of everything!

The anarcho-capitalist in me just wants to wave a hand dismissively – start your own range/tea house if it pleases you or get your own FFL and cater to the breed. I think their intent is to make it more comfy for women to acquire and use guns, not demand that all masculine aspects related to same be removed. But if the coming Hard Times aren’t enough to drive a woman into ANY range/shop and deal with it, then they will find themselves a going commodity when they cannot defend themselves.

I didn’t have a shooter husband, I didn’t have a gun, and I didn’t know anyone who did, but I still managed to get my Mossberg 500. I cared about surviving. And you cannot load that into someone like a program – they either want to or not.

Hell, I cannot stand the attitudes exhibited in a local gun establishment. Yeah, not a lot of posters or moronic wanna-bes. But they are also chilly as hell if you don’t look like a big sale. Frankly, I’ll take a pudgy but interested host over that treatment any day. I am fortunate to have a more personal sales person to deal with these days and his FFL has nothing but love for me.

And perhaps this is what is missing from all the above – the personal touch. Perhaps they could offer themselves as consultants – $25/hr to find the best local shop, help them narrow down choices, and serve as a sounding board. Hell, get an FFL and offer that service, direct-like! Wouldn’t that be a nice change? “B&T Guns and Holsters.” Because there is a whole other industry to attack in that latter offering…

5 thoughts on “Female Shooters Getting A Pair”

  1. “Consultant”?

    I spent the years between '93 and '07 in the trenches of the retail firearms biz, six of those years managing the storefront of a Type 01 or Type 07 FFL. I've served my time in hell.

    If I see the average firearms store be as professionally-staffed, clean, and well-lit as the average stereo or shoe store before I shuffle off this mortal coil, I could die happy.

  2. I was unfamiliar with your history, being a fan of only a while. I am not certain why it was a hell…you've skimmed the matter now and then but I'm not clear on the whole background.

    I suppose I am spoiled with my private fellow. But if I had to, I'd shop from the worst SOB if it was the only way I could acquire what I need and that is my point. Let nothing stand in the way of your freedom and the tools to ensure it.

  3. Interesting…I went to one of the local gun shops with my best friend's young girlfriend one time, and the guys behind the counter got her all riled up with a bit of teasing (she's only 24). The next time I went there, with my wife this time, they treated my wife in a totally professional manner, answering all of her questions, etc.
    Sometimes, even the pros like to stir things up, if they sense weakness.

  4. LauraB,

    I am not certain why it was a hell…

    I was mostly kidding. Retail work doesn't pay much and can be aggravating at times, as anyone who's worked in it can tell you, and dealing with the BATFEIEIO is about as pleasant as dealing with any other federal regulatory agency, but I can honestly say that for almost a decade and a half I woke up every morning and looked forward to going to work despite the long hours and low pay.

    And that was priceless.

  5. Long hours, low pay, and getting out of bed without a scowl…not a thing I'm familiar with.

    But the paperwork would kill me – *THAT* I cannot imagine.

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