Storm Lessons

The video here gives a really personal view of what strangers endured when forced together in tragic circumstances.

A couple things noted –
Flashlights appeared to be unavailable even though they were in a store. Commandeer same if in a similar position. A shop keeper may not like it at the moment but having them in-hand in the aftermath is important. Better still is to always have one with you in one form or another (LED lights on keychains, in pockets, as zipper pulls…) This is particularly comforting to children – if they have their own light they may be able to self-rescue if anything happens to you.

One person appeared to have taken some command and was the voice of reason. Such situations generally do find someone taking the lead.

Your go-bag may be all you have. If you’re at home, snatch that thing out of the vehicle and keep it with you. If you are away and have the chance, grab that thing or at least the med kit inside.

I wish I knew if we could be of more help – if Ranger could help find victims…but it feels as though one would be intruding on the process there. Its a strange thing, these large storms. It was a weak couple of seasons, though, and we were due. However, the pessimist in me wonders if its just the earth editing itself just as every planet does over time. What if this level of weather becomes a norm?

Regardless, there are a lot of people in need. We’ll have to see what we can do to help. If we do, we’ll be certain to follow the advice here.

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