Throwing It All Away

This is going to get a little rough so if you’ve no mind for it, click away and come back another day because I just have to let this out.

I have had it with this silly little cunt. She has a job I would kill for. She has God Damned clearance levels that are given to few. She is married to a man who is decent, good, and kind. And she is tossing it all on a heap in order to stir her loins to some utterly deadend motherfucking tease.

I told my husband at the start – she’s fucked around and doesn’t know how to wend her way back. Her husband knows it. He has waited for her, hoping she’d just stand there and say – New Day. Do over. And he would take her hand, never mentioning it again.

Instead, she’s dyeing her hair – fucking ugly ass pink shards, at that – and slavering over the latest “I hate my life and you suck” bands, tossing on some lame ass S&M bullshit to just really shine the turd that she is letting her life become.

It’s the saddest waste I have ever seen of a long marriage and a superb job. She is a genius brought low – probably because some moron figured out what really punched her buttons. And instead of mentioning it in her marriage bed she’s just hanging it out there – and that is where she will wind up. Out there and alone.

Pissing her life away and for what? Crazy stupid bitch. You know where all those “friends” are gonna be when you can no longer support your fun – and theirs? When you’ve lost your clearance and your job because you’ve gone all unreliable? Gone.

All of it – gone.

And she has no fucking clue what she is playing at.

I just needed to say it, people. I just needed it Out. And I’m sorry it’s here. For now.

7 thoughts on “Throwing It All Away”

  1. Sounds like my neighbor.

    I'm inclined to blame menopause, it surely kicked off an underlying dose of inherent shit for brains topped off with a neurotic tendency towards narcissism.

    About all you can do is rant while steering clear of the inevitable disaster sure to follow.

  2. I totally understand what you are saying. Unfortunately all most can do is watch the train wreck that has been staged. Misguided passion and attempts to “see this way of life” has always been a powerful force. It wrecks lives and leaves walking wounded working for years to repair the damage.

    If the Gentleman is as you say, I hate it for him. If it continues he will become dead inside at the worst and allow it to continue, or become walking wounded when he pulls the “nuclear option” at the least in my humble opinion.

    Been there. I did not even get a T-shirt.

    It was profound enough for me to change my perceptions on relationships to the point I am not looking for one now. God Bless your friend.

  3. There is the old story about the cowboy riding fence on an icy cold morning. He comes upon a snake stiff and nearly frozen on the ground. Compassionately he dismounts and picks up the snake and tucks it inside his duster where it can be warmed by the heat of his body. When the snake stirs and bites him he asks, “Why?”

    The snake replies, “Why are you surprised? You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

    Snakes and pigs are born that way. When they eventually perform in accordance with their nature you should not be surprised.

    I feel sorry for the gentleman, but this probably is not a surprise he didn't see before. It is sad though.

  4. Thanks, all. It is truly bizarre in that she was always steady and true – and then suddenly 180'd. Which is not uncommon when one finds something deliciously illicit.

    Sad damned waste.

  5. BTW, D – yes, it is the guys' thought, too. But she's sharp – if it was only that I think she'd have seen it for what it was and gotten some sort of help.

    No, I've seen this dozens of times in women (and men). Turn their crank just right and they'll do anything.

  6. To my shame, I've been on both ends. Mad at someone for being so incredibly stupid (no shame for that part) and being the stupid arse that everyone despairs of. Not for the same reasons as your idiot, but most likely I made people just as infuriated with some of the dumbness I've pulled.
    That being said, no… good sex is no excuse for an emotional lobotomy.

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