Understand The Border

You see, the arguments aren’t about why and how and if. It is about not watching someone peel the face off your loved one.

Understand this: it is going on, every day, over and over and mere miles from our nation.
They are in our small town. They are in your town. They are patient and trained (because we were fools enough to give them military training).

It is why I go armed, every hour of every day and fuck those who are frightened when the Texas wind blows the hated cover shirt about.

It is like nothing you can imagine and an entire country and generation has been steeped in it. It is coming. Please do not mistake it for mere “searching for work and a good life”.

He’s Running

There is some debate on if he’ll go for it or not. I think that he will – I hear toes are being put into water to gauge the temperature.

This won’t hurt.

(Caveat for the persnickety: I am not a big fan of the NRA, I am a fan of the wonderful folks at LaRue…)

The Strength of the Good Woman

“The painting (by John Everett Millais) depicts the wife of a rebel Scottish soldier, who has been imprisoned after the Jacobite rising of 1745, arriving with an order securing his release. She holds her child, showing the order to a guard, while her husband embraces her.”

It echoes the sentiment that Ann held when she loaded this video. Men will fight – they will fight for the friend beside them and/or the land they left and hope to walk on again. But often times it is the person waiting on them, doing all they can to just keep hearth and home safe, that bouys the soul in hazard. After that recent post, I wanted to ensure I balanced it with this strong support for those who do love and respect their men (and women – I do not judge).

Home – it is a small word. Too small to hold all the meaning it conveys. It can be the worst one room apartment, holding safety if one can just get to its door. It can be that bricked hold in an enclave, gated. In our hearts it is a place we conjure up a pretense of security and love. For some, the pretense is entire, the true home having all the comfort of hell.

But there are those who hold it all together without much help. I’ve one friend who has done just that – always supportive of a man who cannot bear the daily whip of a master and has struggled to do without that and still provide. She gladly served up sausage and beans for months to permit him that soul-salving time. So many bear up under burdens we cannot imagine – the mil-spouse in crappy housing with little money, awaiting word from far lands that sometimes cannot come for weeks…

This song played on the rotation the other day and it reminded me again of those women who forget what they have, the man who would Stand.

Don’t think those lone women don’t stand their own vigil. Crueler, some. They have over eons decided that they can do it – they can “smile as the wolf gnaws”, too. Those who think they will bow to some archaic laws and shroud themselves in sheets to mimic the emotional prison forced on them will be surprised at the fury. Not here, no. We’ve no ingrained sense of fear and intimidation, fed from the womb to the tomb by bitter brides.

No, those good women will rise. And wolves will die, surprise squatting on their brows.

Time, I think, to revisit this one. A favorite here in these gentle confines. A song to gird the loins. Hoc, hoc!

Storm Lessons

The video here gives a really personal view of what strangers endured when forced together in tragic circumstances.

A couple things noted –
Flashlights appeared to be unavailable even though they were in a store. Commandeer same if in a similar position. A shop keeper may not like it at the moment but having them in-hand in the aftermath is important. Better still is to always have one with you in one form or another (LED lights on keychains, in pockets, as zipper pulls…) This is particularly comforting to children – if they have their own light they may be able to self-rescue if anything happens to you.

One person appeared to have taken some command and was the voice of reason. Such situations generally do find someone taking the lead.

Your go-bag may be all you have. If you’re at home, snatch that thing out of the vehicle and keep it with you. If you are away and have the chance, grab that thing or at least the med kit inside.

I wish I knew if we could be of more help – if Ranger could help find victims…but it feels as though one would be intruding on the process there. Its a strange thing, these large storms. It was a weak couple of seasons, though, and we were due. However, the pessimist in me wonders if its just the earth editing itself just as every planet does over time. What if this level of weather becomes a norm?

Regardless, there are a lot of people in need. We’ll have to see what we can do to help. If we do, we’ll be certain to follow the advice here.

Throwing It All Away

This is going to get a little rough so if you’ve no mind for it, click away and come back another day because I just have to let this out.

I have had it with this silly little cunt. She has a job I would kill for. She has God Damned clearance levels that are given to few. She is married to a man who is decent, good, and kind. And she is tossing it all on a heap in order to stir her loins to some utterly deadend motherfucking tease.

I told my husband at the start – she’s fucked around and doesn’t know how to wend her way back. Her husband knows it. He has waited for her, hoping she’d just stand there and say – New Day. Do over. And he would take her hand, never mentioning it again.

Instead, she’s dyeing her hair – fucking ugly ass pink shards, at that – and slavering over the latest “I hate my life and you suck” bands, tossing on some lame ass S&M bullshit to just really shine the turd that she is letting her life become.

It’s the saddest waste I have ever seen of a long marriage and a superb job. She is a genius brought low – probably because some moron figured out what really punched her buttons. And instead of mentioning it in her marriage bed she’s just hanging it out there – and that is where she will wind up. Out there and alone.

Pissing her life away and for what? Crazy stupid bitch. You know where all those “friends” are gonna be when you can no longer support your fun – and theirs? When you’ve lost your clearance and your job because you’ve gone all unreliable? Gone.

All of it – gone.

And she has no fucking clue what she is playing at.

I just needed to say it, people. I just needed it Out. And I’m sorry it’s here. For now.