Misanthropic Hostess

These new smartphones are awfully damned touchy. My pudgy fingers managed to send a picture to about 15 people instead of just 1. But at least it wasn’t a photo I would have been mortified to send to anyone. Imagine the confusion I’ve wrought since about half of them haven’t heard from me in a few years. Hi-larious. Could be worse…Still, I think I’ll see when the Trooper’s cell goes into renewal and trade for something else. I wasn’t built for this crap. In other news, my darling SUV has been undergoing some surgery – she’s been down for for months, waiting. And it turns out the new valve body wasn’t the problem though I had done rather a lot of research on the symptoms and that was a main cause. I can sell the old one for a bit of change. But now I’ll get nothing but grief from my husband about it. He believes she’s destined for the junk pile. I don’t agree – but am beginning to see a crisis of faith coming. I just cannot bear the thought of a car payment, having been without one myself for a decade. Meanwhile, this is Trooper’s next bit of reading, courtesy of his best pal. Back in the day, your G.I. Bill was a spend it or lose it thing and no one had any kind of handle on the program’s specifics. So he lost all that in between stints. That’s what he would have spent it on…instead, we’ll be tossing his soon-to-end car payment at the dream so he can get those wings on his own. His best pal is a genius at the controls of nearly anything that has wings or rotors – and prefers the latter. I suspect Trooper will lean the same direction eventually, having an innate fondness for the thump thump of a rotor. Is there a drop of jealousy in me over it? Yes. But I know I cannot do it. I haven’t the brain for it anymore. And it isn’t a thing which one does half assed. Not one moment. Better that I find a different dream, I think… Now, this little bugger… She was a hellion. It was cut down about 100 ft to the east of its current location and faced the opposite direction. With some rolling logs, a lot of sweat, and my favorite tractor yanking it they managed to get it placed for future work – namely, milling it into planks after debating its usefulness in another format. Dreams, they have, of hand hewing it into something grand. A smart woman stands back and lets those testosterone fueled dreams run free. And now my beloved is wrestling with a shop vac in an attempt to remove the standing water from the AC unit/heat pump which has been leaking out. I peaked in the little porthole the unit provides and saw a block of ice. Interesting, I thought. Scary but…interesting. I know enough that it probably shouldn’t be there. Earlier, I was on the exterior where the overflow tube is supposed to release its pent up fluids. Last season I labored long and hard putting in this terrific drain bucket thing to capture and allow to evaporate all that water. Because it is A LOT of water. But he had some engineering alterations to my design which didn’t work. And then went with his idea (Homer Bucket) which didn’t work. And now we’re back here with the same problem. So…I think its time for me to just do what I wanted to in the beginning. That and ensure the wrappings about the exterior heat pump lines are redone to prevent humidity infiltration – because that, my friends, is where I think the REAL problem lies – and hope it does the trick. It’s a crazy damned week. I refuse to even consider what might be next. I did, at least, have a lovely dream of visiting the Alps while wearing some really pretty handknit socks. I can’t get to the Alps so maybe I’ll just knit the socks.