Military Family Homes Need Help?

From Soldiers’ Angels Facebook post:

Extreme Makeover asked our friends over at Ranger Up for help find military families that need home help. Families must own their own home (which can’t be in foreclosure or have a lien). They must have children. Email with ……the family name, pictures, story, and contact info.

(Yeah, we FB – just not under our names. If you wanna know, ask.)

3 thoughts on “Military Family Homes Need Help?”

  1. The only downside to Extreme Makeover's request is the sad fact that most of their project families have to sell their homes after the “makeover”.

    They can't afford the property taxes or expensive maintenance on these upgraded homes with their limited budgets.

    I love the idea of helping a military family, but participating in this show comes with some financial pitfalls for folks who are already living under financial strain.

    Homes For Our Troops is an organization where I donate, they seem to do a good job of taking care of our military vets housing needs.

  2. Oh, I agree that too often the selected families are not pre-approved to ensure the investment isn't wasted. I would hope that anyone who accepted the gift would also accept the responsibility to ensure it wouldn't put them in a position they could not support.

    Admittedly, that limits the pool. Ahem.

    Your ref'd group is definitely a good one.

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