An Observer

Tomorrow I accompany a young man to his first Warrior Dash. He is in terrific shape and I think he’ll do pretty well if he will feed himself properly. I wonder if he carb loaded.

I figure it will be a good way to see how horrid it is before I commit to it, myself. If you asked me just now, I’d have to say No Way. But then I’ve been feeling rather poorly for some time, now. (Yeah, yeah – I’ve got the doc appt.) You know how it is – life just demands that you keep on keeping on. But it isn’t breaking, that general malaise. Always an underlying feeling of bleh…

That is why I have been more of an observer of late – no energy for more. Hardly enough to put words here that have any kind of usefulness or resonance.

Perhaps it will be an inspiring day. Yeah, I’ll go with that.

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