I’ve been delving into other things as the news continues in the background. Cast on some new knitting for a shawl to match a new dress, the pattern bought from someone who is donating the cost to appropriate charities…

I have also been mulling over which of my favorite books I’d send to Michael Behenna. I have dealt with a similar situation in the past, taking those calls with the unending recordings and the rushed goodbyes before the cut off. It was a kindness I allowed though it wasn’t perhaps understood by others. Books, too, made their way and were perhaps the best thing. I am still baffled that the man remains in prison when there is evidence that would release him. I keep thinking that the man who died must have been someone of value to someone of power. No other reason for the prosecution to deliberately avoid and deny the exculpatory evidence.

Another stop on the road of distraction has been here. Someone is making an IMAX movie from the ignored and glorious images of Saturn from the Cassini-Huygens mission. It’s amazing and worthy of your review.

Billy has noted this as the best source for news in Japan. I cannot help but think of that small army of dead men walking who are trying to tamp down the thing. Brave and surrendering all they are to save the rest, if they can. I wish we had their names…I assume one day we will, their graves sacred. Their gift is not only for Japan but for the rest of us hoping to not bend our head under a dangerous sky. Bless them all.

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