Stocked Up

We decided to take advantage of the current fuel prices and snagged three large cans full. But better still…

The local grocery had chicken at $1/lb. Bone-in thighs and legs, it was a pretty decent deal. It put me in mind of this fellow’s find though it didn’t even occur to me to ask about a better price on quantity. Trooper will do that tomorrow if any is left.

Managed to get about 20 lbs for friends and 20 for our freezer. Now we’ve a generous plenty in the freezer against higher prices and scarcity. And, yes, we’ve a generator to keep it safe if need be.

Be sure to keep your own eyes peeled for those kinds of deals and take every advantage of them when you can. As for the vacuum sealer (really necessary for these sorts of situations) – we used coupons from Kohl’s to get ours at 25% off and use their other coupons as they come in to restock the bag material. If you’ve one in your area, it’s a worthy investment.

2 thoughts on “Stocked Up”

  1. Hey, never hurts to ask for the discount. But you have to be absolutely ready to act on it, cash in hand, if they say yes.

    In doing same as you, regarding fuel. I'm rotating out last years stored stuff and getting in the fresh before the prices get too outrageous. Thanks for the linkage.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Your site has taught me a great deal over the last 2 yrs. Love your gear reviews.

    If you guys ever get this way, drop a note. We'll buy ya a Shiner.

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