Tanking Up

If you know anyone who owns a mom and pop type of gas station, you might want to alert them to securing that fuel. A similar shop in a nearby small town had 800 gallons of diesel stolen in the middle of the night. Yes, obviously someone came with their own tanker and yes, they knew how to do it because the pump numbers weren’t showing what they ought.

It is only going to get worse. Damned glad our associate snagged that 500 gallon tank I found on Craigslist. Looks like a good time to get it filled.

8 thoughts on “Tanking Up”

  1. You're right, it's going to get worse. People have always stolen anything they can, but now, the gloves are off, and they will steal just about anything. With the right tools, you can drain a gas tank in next to nothing.

    Yesterday, I was two blocks from the state capital, about 15 feet from my car, at 3:00 pm. A guy approached me, pulled a knife, and demanded my car keys and my money clip. I don't usually carry a gun on my person…which is stupid…will never happen again. I do have a CCH, but I had it with me then…I had no time to think, just to react. I pulled it (Glock mod 36 .45 single-stacker, not that it matters)and told him he didn't want to do that. He turned and fled. Scared the shit out of me. I almost shot him, seriously, I was a second away from pulling the trigger. I was going to do it. He was waving a damn butcher knife at me.

    The times have changed. I guess if the Sheriff approves you to carry a weapon, you should carry it. I'm not trying to be funny, but it was a life changing moment for me.

  2. Carry – every day, everywhere. CARRY. Thank God you had it with you.

    (If you've a spare ugly POS, you might want to stow it in the trunk, too. Someone gets the jump on you and tucks you in there, you at least have an option.)

  3. I meant to add – I had no qualms about letting the wind blow my cover shirt aside as I filled the cans. Sorry but if a small glimpse changes someones mind and keeps me from having to use it, I am okay with that.

    REALLY hoping TX gets on the Open Carry thing soon. I think it will if things get much worse.

  4. It may be like decades past when people were lined up at the pumps. Stealing…fighting. We had a station drop their price 15 cents below everyone else and it jammed up traffic for miles. oy.

  5. The thing is – they've ensured a majority of people aren't doing more than sucking at the federal tit. When that runs low as well as their tanks – well, that is when the real troubles shall begin.

  6. You know Laura, you're right. From that moment forward, it will be on my person every-time I leave the house. We've met, and you know I'm not a big guy…one reason I chose that particular model…good caliber, fits my hands, light, breaks down easy (no tools), and will take some major abuse. Damn thing will run underwater.

    I grew up with 1911's, but I don't have a purse, and they are large to conceal.

  7. Yabu, you carry whatever works for ya. Glad to know you will be armed from now on.

    I carry the 1911 on my hip 90% of the time. Yeah, it's a little big but it makes me feel very comfy. I hate having to carry in my purse. No where near as easy to access and shoot.

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