Snow Day

Work has been crazy, planning for visitors new to TX has been a task, so the break today was almost worth the layers required to withstand that damned gusty wind. Bless milspec Gortex attire! The dogs? Oh, they were ready

Yep, really ready…

They’re such gorgeous troublemakers…and yet they can look so innocent. Harrumph.
At least I got to crunch some snow underfoot this season. And now, some fresh ham hock veggie soup is ready with a side o’ cornbread. Frugal and yet delicious. Yay me!

4 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. Ranger picks the fights, generally, doing his broncin' move to impress her. She could hurt him – she is bigger, stronger, and tough.

    Wish there was sound on the camera…just imagine “arrrr garrr urrrgghha arrrgh” and you'll have it mostly right.

  2. I could watch the dogs play like that all day. We have more snow coming on down. So much for getting out this weekend. Some family is here so there is noise and dogs and kids and it won't be lonely.

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