Royal’s Gone…

Well, I was just having the end of a really long day when I read the news about Boortz’s sidekick, Royal Marshall passing away from a heart attack. They were a daily listen for me on the way to work in ATL. It was a 90 min commute each way so I had a generous plenty of time to tune in.

I enjoyed their banter and the way Royal would always come on-mic when he felt something needed correcting or further detail.

But the thing I remember most was this bit – Boo Got Shot – and his melodious voice. For those of you who aren’t from the south a majority of the bit won’t be intelligible – hence, Royal’s translation. And yes, it truly is the way people speak there. No lie. Forget trying to order from the drive-in.

God bless him and his family…if you’ve a spare few bucks in these rough times I hope you’ll consider a small donation to his daughters’ fund. He really must have been needed upstairs because he was too good a man to be taken away from his family…

Damn shame…

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