Dark Tales

As I’ve noted before, much of my life was spent reading about the myths that support nearly every belief, every fear, every hope known to mankind. It was Truth that I sought and it took me a long time to accept that everyone has their own internal parsing of the truth in order to make what they say and do acceptable to their conscience.

In deference to Billy and his fine notation on the destruction of Reality, allow me to note that I am not saying this divorce from reality, from humanity, is something to accept. Merely something to bear in mind as we are forced to deal with people edging their way to precipices of the soul. Because its coming. A juggernaut, really, just cresting the horizon – the distance is deceptive when judging its speed.

So I turn again to myths and tales and I suppose its more of an escape, now, than serious analysis. It cushions those truths…evil simply Is. It may come dressed as a maid or a wolf and you have to figure it out before one or the other has you for lunch. Question everything, believe little, and take care of what and who you love.

(Thanks to the Ghost…such exquisit linkage…)

Bonus gloom:
There is also this, a film that discusses, “LOVECRAFT: FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is a chronicle of the life, work and mind that created these weird tales as told by many of today’s luminaries of dark fantasy including John Carpenter (The Thing), Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth), Neil Gaiman (Coraline), Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), Caitlin Kiernan (“Daughter of Hounds”) and Peter Straub (“Ghost Story”).”

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