Darling Julia

I spent rather a lot of my time watching the program “Baking With Julia” when it originally aired. I have always been a rather good pastry chef so it was just the thing to inspire me. I actually once made the puff pastry presented here. It was, of course, no small thing to my budget to put an entire pound of butter into a single recipe. However, it was a stunning result. The book is well-worthwhile, too. Not only pastry but all manner of international breads are within the book. The pita pockets were especially fun to make, as I recall. (Trooper has demanded fresh naan so I may have to give that a go soon…)

Here is the puff pastry video – charming, fun, and just the thing to get me to fetch a few pounds of butter the next time I’m at the store…

Watch the full episode. See more Julia Child.

3 thoughts on “Darling Julia”

  1. I've always been a bit of a culinary snob and purist, but I've got to tip you off that Pillsbury offers a very competent puff pastry in sheets, pre-packed in the chilled (not frozen) food section. Makes that otherwise tedious Beef Wellington a breeze!

    The pie crust sheets are also quite good. Filo dough doesn't work quite as well, but unless you're born to it, making it by hand is no cinch either.

  2. To be sure the convenience is there and it isn't bad! I use the crusts fairly often.

    But there are times when nothing but the real thing will do. As for a beef wellington…well, would you believe I've never roasted a fine, large piece of beef? Nope. It was the one recipe I didn't learn from Mom…

  3. You've not lived fully until you've got the technique for doing a three-rib bone-in prime roast of beef. Secret is to give it ten or fifteen minutes at high heat (450 or so) then drop the oven temp to about 300. Use a meat thermometer and cook to internal temp of about 120 for nicely rare.

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