Starting Fresh

This is the home gym. Yes, it has just about everything a person could want but…it still takes will power to climb the stairs every time.

I’ve done pretty well this week. My arms have that gentle ache in them and my scar tissue (imagine a smiley hip to hip) is pulling from the ab work. The treadmill work is slow – need new shoes before I start pounding this flesh on it – but the rest is surprisingly familiar. My favorite weight move, the nose breaker, is to blame for the arm pain today.

I think tomorrow I’ll have to review the the manual for the Bowflex – if I break it I’ll never hear the end of it. Of course, Trooper has the SelectTech weights, too. I love being able to make the adjustment in increments with ease.

And it is time to crack this book open again. Ignore the comments – it’s a damned fine book to figure out – well, your figure! No, it does not include the upper body but, frankly, that isn’t the area hardest to work on for women. At least, I didn’t find that to be the case. I would love to get a Precor EFX Elliptical as I prefer it for cardio but the price…sheesh…

The one thing that I really wish we had is the ridiculously expensive Precor Stretch Trainer. Oh, how I miss that lovely thing post-workout! Instead, I just use the ball – which is quite nice, really, to get that deep hip and back stretch. The best thing, though, was getting that television mount. There is nothing like being able to just swing it to face the next machine.

Yes, I’m spoiled for choice up there. Now I just need to ensure I do get up there every day.

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4 responses to “Starting Fresh

  1. You do realize, of course, that each human is endowed with a finite number of heartbeats at birth which is to be used judiciously over a lifetime. Waste them on that exercise business and you won't have any left for important stuff.

  2. Well, now, Ed…I would hate to consider how many you spent in the air chasing down the enemy…

    I don't have much choice, though…I intend to stick this thing out. I'd like to be able to haul my ass – and rather a lot of pack – around without collapse.

    If nothing else, I'd love to be an amazing looking corpse. “Here lies my beloved, my autumn flower, somewhat less attractive now she's all corpsified and gross.”

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