Serenade For The Dying

The news is full of destruction and dismay. While it sorts out, I lean on the blessing of notes arranged like fine jewels in a crown. Thanks to the Ghost for finding it…

4 thoughts on “Serenade For The Dying”

  1. One of my favorite composers…he never fails to stir me.

    Matter of fact, I have directed that, instead of a big funeral, that every friend get a copy of my fav compositions by him.

    No better remembrance could I imagine…

  2. I just finally got the time to sit down and watch this. How beautiful! While I have a widely varied music collection, I have had little classical until now. I'm off to find some more from this composer.

    Thanks for schoolin' me on some of that there culture stuff ;-).

  3. If I could only have one composer's music it'd be tough to choose btwn Ralph Vaughan Williams or Wagner. The latter is a bit overdone in some pieces. RVW, however, was sensitive to an extreme – he knew just where to put that aching note of the violin…

    Best version I can find now:

    But you must have A London Symphony, also – his Symphony #2. And this is one option.

    You may be able to download them all – if so, look for the ones by Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Superb…

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